Andrew Murray - Apartment Specialists


Andrew Murray
Finding my passion in life 'Real Estate'​ and forming the agency 'Apartment Specialists'​ has been a real blessing...... as when you find what you really love it's not work. I have already had some huge successes in my real estate career being recognized as the top apartment agent in New Zealand yet I've only just started. After researching some of the top agents in the world over in the US I formed the company 'Apartment Specialists'​ taking selling Auckland Apartments to a whole new level. I strongly believe the current Real Estate System has a lot of needed changes ahead of it and I am enjoying being part of that. Especially the Auckland Apartment Market. My most important mantra is to always be thinking with every business transaction..... 'How can I bring benefit to the other party' and through that the business just comes. Call me anytime if you would like to have a chat, advice on your Auckland apartment or just be part of what I am doing. Registered Real Estate Agent