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Chris Turnbull
Coming into NZ Real Estate after spending over half my life in sales, the partnership formed with Apartment Specialists proved to be a fruitful one from the off! Boasting 12 properties listed in the first full calendar month – More than other agents may produce in a year! Sticking to the principle that I work for the vendor, the system that Apartment Specialists have built means we break a record over 90% of the time we work for any vendor Selling apartments are different from selling houses; I would not back myself to get you the best result in selling your house – in fact, I would not accept the business, despite being asked to by previous clients. However, when it comes to apartments, I will back myself and the team at Apartment Specialists to be odds on favourites to outperform any agent or agency in Auckland’s CBD and fringes. Utilising the unique approach not seen in NZ before, our systems provide a scientific approach coupled with the team’s ability to perform at a level of sales ability – qualities I was surprised the industry lacked when doing my research before taking on this venture. If you would like to engage a team of skilled individuals and see how Apartment Specialists differs from other options out there, contact me anytime for free advice, information and opinions. Or if your mind is already made up and you just want to act now and get the ball rolling towards a premium result, contact me 24/7.