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Cassidy Fifield
Driven by her desire for absolute excellence, Cassidy is highly motivated and committed to delivering outstanding service to her clients & customers. Cassidy has an empathetic nature, which will ensure that your needs and requirements are listened to and understood. When engaging in Cassidy's services, you can be assured of her careful attention to detail, professional manner and of course her ability to achieve exceptional results when marketing and selling your home. A fabulous hairdresser in her previous career, Cassidy made the switch to Real Estate and never looked back. She is passionate about being able to help people get the best deal possible, and her friendly manner means she’s very approachable and genuine. When she’s not at work, Cassidy loves to spend as much quality time as possible with her beautiful 6 year old boy. She will be looking after Rotorua and surrounding areas, so if you’re thinking of selling she would love to hear from you.