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Ian Watson
There’s no secret to being a successful agent–it all comes down to honesty and hard work. Ian has been in the industry for the 5 years he’s lived in New Zealand, and it’s his reliable demeanor, commitment to thoroughly informing all parties, and refreshingly genuine approach to real estate that has earned him his stripes. Originally from the UK, Ian served in the Royal Navy as a Sea Harrier pilot for 17 years. During this time he served on HMS Invincible, Illustrious, and Ark Royal, and he also went on an exchange tour with the US Navy, flying F18s in Florida. On leaving the Navy he worked for British Aerospace in Saudi Arabia for 6 years, training Royal Saudi Air Force pilots. Afterwards, he moved to the USA where he established several businesses including a recirculating tilapia fish farm. In 2010 Ian came to New Zealand for a holiday. It was a very easy decision to move here permanently! When not helping people with their real estate needs, Ian enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and exploring the less travelled roads on his motorcycle. As a passionate man of many talents and interests, you can trust Ian to give everything his 100%–and that includes finding the best real estate solutions for you.