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Kere MacDonald
What’s most important in this real estate industry is who you are as a person and the service you provide. That’s why Kere prides herself on being a warm, positive, upfront person, who understands and dedicates herself to the needs of her clients. Prior to her career in real estate, Kere worked in media and communications, as well as running her own retail business, and working in business management, accounting and customer service. Suffice to say, she’s had experience dealing with a wide range of people from all walks of life. Previously with Professionals, Kere is relatively new to the real estate game, but not to the city of Wellington. She has worked and lived in the area for 20 years, meaning she knows this city like the back of her hand. Family means a lot to Kere, with 5 adult children and 12 grandchildren between herself and her partner. She knows the needs of families, the challenges you face and the joys you share in. When she’s not busy making people’s real estate dreams a reality she enjoys working on her Ukelele skills, catching up with friends over a meal or spending time with her partner at their holiday home in the Coromandel.