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Tania Morgan is part of our team of Arizto agents, and is based in the Pokeno/Taukau , Franklin area. Her goal is to get the best result for her clients, and empower them with knowledge, helping to reduce the amount of stress around buying a home.

There are lots of moving parts when buying or selling your home, and Tania will assist you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process. She is well known for her skills in negotiating, customer service, knowledge of laws, rules and guidelines, strict attention to detail, and strong communication.

“My assurance to you is that I will keep you updated from the first moment we make contact. I will be upfront and honest, and always act in the clients best interests. And most importantly I will listen, and my actions will prove it”.

Tania comes from a background in accounting, specialising in taxation, so she knows how important it is to make sure the numbers add up, and every detail is included and verified to ensure the best possible outcome for all.

In her spare time, Tania can be found on the local softball diamond in Pukekohe. She is passionate about softball, (both as a coach and player), and you will often hear her long before you see her if you are around any of the diamonds!

If you’re looking to sell in the Pokeno/ Taukau Franklin area, Tania would love to hear from you.