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Tony Buckwell
#1 Salesperson, Hobsonville Branch, 6 months ending September 2019 #3 Sales Partnership, West Auckland Region, 6 months ending September 2019 #1 Salesperson, Hobsonville Branch, to end March 2019 #1 Salesperson, Hobsonville Branch, to end March 2018 #3 Individual Salesperson, West Auckland Region, to end March 2018 #5 Individual Salesperson, West Auckland Region, to end March 2017 After 24 years as a Professional Fire-fighter & Senior Fire Officer, I came to Barfoot & Thompson ready to provide my own unique brand of service to the people of my local communities. I am committed to providing friendly, professional advice & service to my clients and I am a real believer in the importance of effective communication and long term relationship building. In my previous career people would rely on me in times of critical need to make the right calls calmly and professionally, and with empathy for those involved. In many ways I see the role of a professional sales person in the real estate industry as very similar - it's just a different type of service that I am providing. I was first attracted to the Barfoot & Thompson organisation because of its well-known reputation for ethical & professional service. This was hugely important to me, having come from a long career as an Officer/Manager in an organisation that regularly surveys at No1 for trust & confidence by Kiwis. I stand by my core values of integrity, diligence, professionalism & empathy. These values are my strongest drivers. I believe that real estate is about people, and I love meeting & working with people to hear what is important to them. A combination of modern + traditional business practices is what I deliver to my valued clients. Up to the minute marketing strategies are critical in today's ever changing digital world. There is an increasing expectation that modern marketing campaigns will deliver fast, easily accessible, high quality information via 'rich media' content. Consequently, I offer all the latest marketing delivery options available. Behind the technology though, must be a business driven by 'old school' values of communication, interpersonal skills, hard work and dedication to great results for my clients. I live in West Harbour with my wife & two children aged 6 and 10. Both children attend the local primary school. I have lived in various parts of West Auckland almost all of my life & readily identify with the lifestyle opportunities provided in this 'corner of our city'. I love sports and the outdoors, with particular interests in karate, boating, fishing, scuba diving & golf. I am very sociable and like nothing more than to enjoy a BBQ with the company of my family and friends. I would love to meet you to discuss your wishes and plans. I welcome your call any time.