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Alistair Helm
How's the property market looking? A very common question asked everyday by so many people. Behind the answer lies a complex mix of emotional and rationale factors that are changing all the time. I believe I can help to provide insight into the local property market in my home of Devonport I bring a different perspective to that of many other real estate professionals. With more than 12 years of experience leading innovative technology, digital marketing and analytics within the real estate market, I believe I am uniquely skilled to deliver you a great outcome, borne of a highly professional approach. I was the founding CEO of and built that business over a 6 year period from 2006. For the past 3 years I've been part of the team at Trade Me Property, driving technology and property data as well as digital marketing solutions. That is a unique skill set, which I provide to help you make the right decisions around your next move as a trusted real estate professional. There are 2 key skills that I believe are more critical these days than ever before required of a chosen agent, marketing and especially digital marketing and property market analysis and insight - here are my credentials: MARKETING I've practiced the disciplines of marketing across many industries in many countries from soft drinks to Hollywood movies. I've worked for large corporates as well as tech start-ups; from Fonterra and Fletcher Building to and my own start-up Properazzi. PROPERTY MARKET INSIGHT I have a passion for analytics, and have applied this to the NZ property market for more than a decade; founding and writing the monthly NZ Property Report from 2009 and the Trade Me Property Price Index from 2013. I believe that whilst there's heaps of property data, what is needed more than ever is insight, and that is what I have focused on – taking sales data of volumes and prices, listings data with asking price as well as inventory data and seeking out the trends that best indicate the state of the current market as well as future trends. I comment regularly on property trends on as well as focusing on my area of local expertise in the Devonport property market on the new site of