Clint and Rachel Daly – Team Daly - Bayleys


Clint and Rachel Daly  – Team Daly
Clint and Rachel have over 10 years experience combined. They have the positive attitude and first-hand experience to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Having previously owned and operated a Painting and Decorating business together, as well as purchasing, renovating and selling five of their own properties, Clint and Rachel have a wealth of knowledge which they are thrilled to be able to pass on to their clients. Clint and Rachel have built up a loyal base of repeat customers across the East Coast and Gisborne regions. This established network and their ability to forge long lasting professional relationships serve as a strong foundation to their real estate success. An enthusiastic and conscientious salesperson is vital in selling your home – so having two of them is even better! Working as a team, Clint and Rachel treat each property as if it were their own. With a very relaxed yet professional approach, they are easy to deal with and work hard to keep things simple while handling every situation with honesty and integrity. Clint and Rachel share the family values intrinsically linked to the Bayleys brand. They have a son and a daughter who are the inspiration for their drive to succeed. As well as being delighted by the prospect of working together as a husband and wife team, Clint and Rachel are thrilled to be able to enjoy a rewarding career which also allows them to provide the best for their family and be there for the important moments. At the heart of Clint’s work is the aim of helping people and witnessing the reward of seeing them happy with the end result.