Kevin Smith - Bayleys

One Tree Hill

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith is one of a kind in the crowded Auckland real estate landscape. Winning Rookie of the Year in his first year, and going on to win top achievement awards year after year, Kevin is a bright, lively and enthusiastic addition to the Bayleys team. Kevin is one of a small group of visionary professionals who transformed the real estate market in Mangere Bridge. Groomed to become an ethical and positive influencer from a long standing Auckland real estate family, Kevin has a broad and diverse network of people who enjoy his vision and share his values of integrity, compassion and sustainability to name a few. A believer in ongoing education Kevin continues to sharpen his skill set to offer his clients better negotiating skills, better projections, better results and a better journey through the process. Anticipating his clients' needs with his warm and intuitive character, Kevin is a pleasure to have in your company and is committed to delivering to the highest standard every time. Thinking of selling? Or sub-dividing? Or leaving town and wondering which direction others in your community are moving to? It starts with a conversation, so get in touch!