Michelle Nelson - Bayleys


Michelle Nelson
If you are looking for a local real estate salesperson with compassion, commitment, passion, drive and proven consistency over the years, then keep on reading! Michelle has not lost any of her ‘buzz’ over time, she just as much enjoys today the thrill of matching buyer to seller as she did at the beginning of her real estate career in 1999. A consistent Top Performer. Look up her listings and sales: https://www.bayleys.co.nz/michelle-nelson Her greatest compliment is still the many times when her real estate clients/friends return to her years later to assist them with further real estate needs, for them and/or their family. Michelle is often seen in the community as she genuinely loves the town she lives in. She has previously served on the Rangiora Community Board where she was voted on enthusiastically and this is on her forward agenda to run again. In her leisure time Michelle likes writing and has been known to pen a poem or two over the years for celebrations or birthdays. Michelle enjoys working for Bayleys not just because of the support network they have, but she believes in the outstretched arm to community which they give both in local and national campaigns – eg Crusader-endorsed Anti Bullying Campaign (The Children’s Storybook of Ace); Make-A-Wish, and locally Bayleys Big Splash, formerly the Toddlers Big Day Out, and many other Rangiora Promotion events. Michelle is consistent throughout her career and is always among the Top Achievers. She enjoys her work and loves spending time with good people. She is reliable, thorough and communicative, and she can’t help but be innovative when she gets going. For any of your real estate needs, call Michelle anytime