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Beth Millard
Since launching her career in the local market 25 years ago, Beth’s passion for real estate has never waned she’s absolutely delighted to devote her energy solely to sales consultancy. “My decision to step down as the Branch Manager is all about clients/vendors and customers/purchasers, and being there for them 100%.” She joined the industry as a real estate agent in 1992 and found it a perfect fit. It suited her personality, her love of people, and her natural drive. Beth soon stamped her mark on the city’s real estate scene, developing a track record for bringing together property sales in a creative way. Her services are constantly sought by key property developers and investors, as well as local and offshore clients. . “Planning a marketing campaign takes precision and flair, and a call to action urgency. Whether it’s a residential home, lakes property or a subdivision – the same amount of meticulous planning goes into the process,” says Beth. Over the years she has spearheaded a number of prestigious and specialist projects, many of which have put Rotorua on the map for their innovation. Her passion for real estate is fueled by her love for Rotorua. She believes the area has great potential for development and growth. Next to her family, Beth’s clients are the most important people in her life, she serves all with steadfast loyalty. Her energy levels are staggering. Beth is fast paced, task orientated and continually pushes herself beyond her comfort zone. She is the ultimate multi-tasker who impresses with her capacity to juggle many balls at one time. Beth is a high achiever, a motivator, and a mover and shaker. But above all, she’s a people person. Beth loves interacting with others. She has a big heart, puts other people’s needs first, and takes the time to care.