Ginnette Smythe - Bolitho Property Management


Ginnette Smythe
Ginnette is a Nelson local, having raised her family here she is well embedded in the community. Ginnette has many interests including tramping, music and she is very passionate about the arts, hosting a weekly segment on FreshFM called Art talk Nelson. Why choose Ginnette and Carmen to manage your property? Ginnette has several years’ experience in Nelson property management and delivers a stress-free, easy experience for our clients. With her background in teaching and social work, she is great at proactively nipping issues in the bud before they escalate. A people person, Ginnette’s forte is her attention to detail and effective communication with a level-headed approach. We all benefit from Ginnette’s commitment to excellence, she is always on the look out for ways to improve our systems and service. Ginnette and Carmen work together managing the same set of properties, both working together to provide excellent and thorough service Carmen and Ginnette are the dream team. Contact us to hear about how Carmen and Ginnette can look after your rental property.