Tricia Carlson - City Sales

Apartment & Housing Investment

Tricia Carlson
Tricia excels in client service and satisfaction, her standard is always perfection. With more than 10 years’ experience working in client service roles, Tricia is a natural and passionate people’s person. Driven by success, Tricia has always been highly motivated and worked hard striving for excellence, going above and beyond what is expected of her. Her previous career in aviation taught her many of the skills which today make her a successful apartment broker such as resilience, communication, relationships and rapport and importantly, how to succeed in delicate or stressful situations under pressure - she is an excellent negotiator. Although worldly and well-travelled, Tricia grew up in Auckland and is highly knowledgeable about the City and surrounding areas which she applies daily to her Real Estate Career. She is approachable and easy to work with, incredibly organised, driven and motivated and quickly builds great rapport with her clients. Outside of the office Tricia is a loving Mum and family girl, Tricia enjoys the outdoors and sports.