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Aimee Marsh
Property Consultant & Property Manager, what more could you ask for? Aimee brings to the industry, hard work, motivation and a huge amount of enthusiasm. Already working in property management, Aimee is passionate about service delivery and ensuring that her portfolio is managed in the best way possible, to ensure maximum results. She is ready to carry this same work ethic through to the sales aspect of the business and deliver the same results for ongoing and future clients. Having been born and bred in Dunedin and owning multiple businesses from the age of 23, Aimee has learnt how to deal with many staff , customers & clients over the years, and has built the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the bustling, ever changing property market. HER POSITIVE, PROACTIVE AND INDUSTRIOUS NATURE, ALONG WITH HER SUPERIOR SKILLS IN MANAGEMENT WILL MAKE HER STAND OUT FROM THE REST. For Aimee it’s about doing the right thing for her clients and achieving results. If you want someone with motivation, superb interpersonal skills and a supercharged work ethic, then give Aimee a call. She can help you with all your real estate needs.