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The Columbs
Dunedin born and real estate bred, I became a second-generation property consultant, when I joined Edinburgh Realty in 2010. With a marketing and management degree from the University of Otago and having marketed Dunedin city in my previous job at Tourism Dunedin, it will come as no surprise to vendors that I place a high emphasis on the importance of marketing. I do things a little differently – using a mix of traditional real estate methods and cutting-edge technological marketing tools. Well-considered and smart marketing is crucial. Working hard before the listing even hits the market is time and energy well spent. I work alongside my father Jim and my wife Amy, who was previously a Dunedin property and commercial solicitor. As a team, we provide clients with a great breadth of skills: Jim’s experience, Amy’s legal background and my own marketing expertise. You have three people – not one – working for you.