I’ve been in residential real estate for four years, using my problem solving skills to help people get to where they want to be, in a lovely new home in Mosgiel or Brighton, or with money in the bank from a premium sale.

I enjoy architecture, and meeting people. When a client shows me their home, I’m impressed time and again by the unique personal touch they’ve achieved. Homes in Mosgiel particularly interest me, as homeowners have often been in them such a long time, they’ve managed to transform them many times over.

Previously I worked five years on the blast crew at Macraes Mine, before becoming a Mum eight years ago. A very organised person, I run my career, homelife and every task I encounter as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Through buying and selling a few houses personally, I understand the real estate process from all sides. I believe in a painfree process without vulnerability or undue stress, so vendor and buyer are thrilled with the result.