Debbie has been interested in property for close to 30 years and has always had the idea that she wanted to be in real estate sales. As an avid investor and home owner she has built, bought and sold in 4 different cities in New Zealand and therefore she brings a broad view of the property market and first hand knowledge of what it takes to achieve a successful sale of your biggest asset.

She brings over 34 years experience in finance, including roles as a Mobile Mortgage Manager and also Regional Manager, as well as senior sales roles in marketing, to the Real Estate industry.

Debbie prioritises the wishes and desires of her clients and really takes the time to understand their goals in both the sale and the purchase of their dream home or investment property.

She appreciates everyone’s circumstances are unique and sees her role as the “facilitator”, although she will quickly take an advocacy or leadership position when the situation calls for it. Her clients often comment that they appreciate her knowledge, support and hard work.

Away from work she enjoys renovating and interior decorating, especially when it comes to re-purposing furniture. Debbie also has a passion for travel – “I try to visit somewhere new every few years, there are so many places on my bucket list” - unfortunately due to COVID that is on hold and the bucket list is fast growing with place in NZ to see.

Debbie is in real estate to help hard-working individuals, their families and property investors achieve their property dreams!