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Jill Wolfgram-Orr
About Jill Wolfgram-Orr Experience sells itself and with over 30 years experience working in sales and marketing Jill Wolfgram-Orr's vast business network will get the results you're after when buying or selling real estate. Jill began her sales career excelling in print media advertising and then moving to radio , TV and online marketing ,where she was constantly the top billing sales rep in her team. Jill also held senior management positions. Jill has lived in Hamilton since 1992 and knows the Hamilton property market inside and out, her first stint in real estate was in Hamilton between 2003 to 2010 With a brief time back in media between 2010 till now Jill has decided to return to what she describes as her first love, houses. Jill has brought, renovated,invested and sold properties since 1975 and has a natural flare for housing in particular interior design. With a diploma in interior decorating. So if you're looking to sell or buy real estate in the Waikato area contact Jill for a wealth of advice on all things property.