Lizzie Zeng - Collective First National


Lizzie Zeng
I originally came from the middle part of China and have been living in Wellington for seven years. I started my real estate career influenced by my mum who has been doing real estate work for over 30 years in China. Before I got into the real estate industry, I was working in various customer service roles, business development and relationship liaison roles internally in New Zealand and externally targeting the Asian market. I speak fluent Mandarin and English with a strong multi-cultural background and I have experience dealing with people from many different countries. I am proud to be one of the Guardian First National team and to offer the best service to home buyers and sellers in the Wellington area. I strive to take care of my clients with honesty, transparency, respect, love and care, to accept my responsibilities and make my hardest effort to my clients’ benefit and satisfaction. I am a person who works with passion and energy, and I am always being thoughtful and prudent to make sure that my clients remain informed and feel comfortable with every step in the process of my service. I spend a lot of free time socializing with friends, hanging out with family, cooking dinner and baking dessert for them. I also love playing the piano and doing make-up art in my spare time.