Neville Cole - First National


Neville Cole
20 years in the Motor Vehicle Sales Industry and being a top achiever in Motor vehicle Sales examinations in New Zealand at the time provided me with the ideal platform to commence a successful real estate career. I joined Guardian First National in 1994 as part of their Karori sales team and shifted to Johnsonville in 1996. Since that time I have enjoyed increased sales every year which I attribute to repeat business and word of mouth business from satisfied customers. Residential sales are what I specialize in with a focus and passion for Land sales, new developments and investment properties which have featured in my continued success in this industry. I believe success does not just happen. It is hard work which I enjoy and good luck plays little part in the equation. A professional attitude, the ability to communicate effectively with vendors and purchasers listening to what their needs are and the skills to “close a deal” are very important attributes in this industry. I know that these skills are why I am enjoying my success to date. My partner Rosina and I built a house in Broadmeadows where we still reside but have lived in the Northern suburbs for many years.