Pera Tutua-Nathan - Collective First National


Pera Tutua-Nathan
With a distinctive passion for real estate and property, I represented a unique entry into the Real Estate industry and at the age of 20, I decided to follow that passion and pursue a real estate career. Born and bred in the northern suburbs, I have distinctive knowledge of its surrounding areas. I attended Saint Brigid’s School in Johnsonville and spent my college life at St Patrick’s, Kilbirnie. I love this area and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. The northern suburbs are peaceful and provide a great environment for those wanting to raise a family or buy their first home. My professional background consists of varied roles including government policy, communications and social media. These positions taught me a lot in terms of meeting deadlines, producing thorough information and working with online processes. The world lives online; it’s a place where everyone has a presence, a marketing gold mine. I work on the principles of honesty, professionalism and character, all of which add significant value and fulfillment towards my clients. Satisfaction does not come from my own happiness, but from the happiness of those around me. If our clients are satisfied, then so am I.