Vicky Wiblin - First National


Vicky Wiblin
Selecting a person to represent your best interests when selling your most valued asset, means making an informed choice. With 25 years’ experience in Marlborough Real Estate and many thousands of happy clients, I know how important it is for me to have someone representing our company who I can trust to uphold our honest approach while achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Vicky has an extraordinary range of background skills that give her the practical experience to assist you. Having worked in the banking industry, owned a local building company with her husband Nigel, renovated several homes, built two family homes, managed Momorangi Bay Campground for three years, raised two delightful children, and then having joined Mark Stevenson First National Real Estate in 2011 putting together over 500 sale and purchase agreements for buyers and sellers, all adds up to a wealth of experience and knowledge in the Marlborough Real Estate industry. Successful Real Estate Agents need to be motivated, have great people skills, work in their clients’ interests, have marketing expertise and be confident they can achieve what they promise to do. Vicky has all these attributes and more. I am extremely confident that Vicky will achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family in a professional manner! Mark Stevenson