Emily Berry - First National

Paradise Coast

Emily Berry
I was brought up on a family farm in Hikuai where my parents taught me to value honesty and integrity and not to be scared of hard work. I spent my final teenage years attending Whangamata Area School where I got to know some of the great positive role models in our community. I fell in love at school, both with my husband and the beautiful town. When I left school I made my move to Whangamata and started establishing my roots. In such a small, tight-knit community I have begun to understand the roles people have to play in groups or organisations. I spent many years playing a big role in the squash club and have since started helping the mountain bike club in small roles to establish fantastic tracks. I have always worked in roles that put customer service and satisfaction first. This aspect has always been something that I have loved and now that I have matched it with my passion for the local area, I have found my perfect fit. I am a fresh face in our local market that was brought up in the age of technology and fully immersed in social media. I believe I can use this coupled with my passion to help, to assist you to get your house seen by the most people and deliver an outcome where all parties are happy. So if you are thinking of buying or selling or have any questions about local real estate, call Emily Berry, I am here to help.