Mike Roulston - First National

Paradise Coast

Mike Roulston
Hello to Whangamata and nearby neighbours. A little bit of info about me! My partner (Petra) and I have recently moved into the area. We were working on a large station on the east coast, Mahia to be precise, actually you may have seen it on the News of late, they're about to start launching rockets from the site. Anyway, back on topic, so before moving to Mahia, I was an owner operator of a reasonably large Fencing Contracting gang. While fencing, I had a client who was a real estate agent, the more I talked to her about what the job entailed, the more I got to thinking, this could be quite an enjoyable career. So I talked with my partner (Pet) to find out about her thoughts of going shepherding so I could get my studies completed, which I knew would be near on impossible while running a business. I knew I loved living remotely as I'd been a shepherd and managed farms before I had met Pet, but how would she get on living The Rural Life? This Queen Street Auckland Chef... that taught cooking classes to corporates on Auckland's busy Viaduct... how would she fare? Well she jumped at the idea and within two weeks of making the decision, an advertisement for a shepherd on Onenui Station Mahia was advertised. One and a half hours from Wairoa (have you been there? There's not a lot at Wairoa) and two hours from Gisborne. When we went for the interview, we were told that when we got to the cattle stop, just carry on up the drive for another eight and a half kilometres... eight and a half k's for a driveway!! That's after we'd driven half an hour from the little one general store and pub of Mahia township. Not sure how my Auckland girl's going to go out here! Anyway, we got the job and stayed there for two years enjoying the adventures of the 38 kilometres of coastline the Station had to offer (we ate a whole lot of paua and crayfish while we were there) OK, so I'm skiteing now. So I'm proud to say, I completed my correspondence and passed the course. It took a lot of self discipline and a lot of phone calls to the course tutors as I found my way through the mountains of paperwork associated with the assignments. There's not too many Real Estate Agents way out in Mahia to bounce ideas off. So with a certain amount of sorrow, I advertised my team of ten dogs to be sold (I'm certainly missing them), and walked my horse down to the neighbours. And here we are, ready for the Real Estate World on the beautiful Coromandel. Look forward to meeting you all. Mike.