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Roger Hardie
Roger Hardie Over the past 35 years, Roger has lived in various locations and experienced many real estate markets both in NZ and Australia, building a successful career and a reputation for excellence in Real Estate Growing up in the Bay of Plenty, Roger has always had a goal of opening his own agency in the province he loves. He came close in the 90’s after returning from playing rugby overseas but the opportunity to open and own one of the largest Commercial and Residential Real Estate franchises on the North Shore delayed that dream. Now he’s back home and looking to provide the kind of personalised service and responsiveness that existed before the world became automated. While he embraces technology as a tool to help him communicate with clients and market his listings, he believes in old-fashioned activities like answering his phone, listening carefully and being responsive to his client's wants, needs, questions and concerns. Roger is professional, discreet and easily adjusts to new marketing trends, using his experience to assist his clients in making the best choices whether they’re buying, selling or making investments. Read more about Roger Hardie