Oleg and Natalia have specialised in the North Shore property market for over 12 years and have ridden the changing tide of the boom, bust and recovering markets.

Oleg's expertise is in selling residential and lifestyle properties. He is highly experienced in all aspects of the selling and buying process; is a fierce negotiator, expert marketer and an empathetic and effective communicator.

Natalia is a skilled real estate strategist, who knows how to best market the property and understands the power of advertising. Her teaching background makes her an expert communicator.

Oleg and Natalia believe real estate is about relating to people. Every sale is a strategic business transaction and the most important part of that transaction is connecting to everyone involved and alleviating concerns.

Oleg and Natalia take the time to meet with each client at length to develop a customised, comprehensive plan to understand their objectives. Oleg and Natalia's expertise in understanding the market and how best to position a property for maximum value can contribute to bringing the potential of your home to the forefront.

We have assembled a trusted, reliable team of contractors, designers, and other industry professionals to implement our agreed strategies for every property.

If you’re serious about selling your home, we are serious about getting the job done.

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