Jan-Louise Chesmar - Harcourts

Christchurch City

Jan-Louise Chesmar
Jan-Louise has thrived in her real estate career having joined in 1984 and has gone from strength to strength and success to success since. She is not afraid to wade in and get the hard work done to achieve the right results. Jan-Louise is well respected throughout the industry and has many lifetime clients who view her as the complete professional. She recognises the value of effort, the effect of perseverance and the reward of success for her clients. Pride in being able to deliver what she says she will do gives Jan-Louise the energy and enthusiasm to work long hours, visit, research and talk to people to sustain her status as one of the few in the higher echelons of Harcourts residential sales with the appropriate awards and rewards that come with success at that level. Such an attitude has gained her a myriad of clients who return to her for advice, guidance, honesty and business. Indeed many of her clients have become long term friends. Success if often measured by yardsticks that reflect on the consultant but for Jan-Louise the focus has always been the client, it is their needs and their outcome that matters. For those who enjoy working with a special person whose goal is to do brilliantly for her clients, then the opportunity to talk with Jan-Louise should not be missed.