Brian Bernon - Harcourts


Brian Bernon
Brian and his wife Felicity settled in Levin 4 years ago and are enjoying all aspects of this vibrant provincial town. Brian draws on the last 20 years of management and project management consulting experience when looking after the needs of his customers. With 20 years of civil and structural engineering project management roles, Brian is well placed to understand the needs of a growing community. The management consulting experience ensures that Brian is comfortable explaining complex concepts in easy to understand language. Project management methods and experience brings rigor to ensure projects and tasks are delivered to time. Brian and his wife have bought or sold 20 times in 21 years and believe their quest to find the perfect location is over, with a house in central Levin. Through this discovery journey makes him well placed to advise people from both within and outside the district on what to look for, where to find advice and support based on his own experiences. Brian’s desire is to provide service that goes the extra distance to make buying and selling less stressful and by having clients and customers fully informed every step of their purchase or selling journey. Brian is honest, enthusiastic, efficient and committed to getting top results. Brian is keen to support community programmes with the latest being “Save the Capital Connection” train service. Based at Harcourts Levin, Brian is available to field your enquiry.