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Cindy-Lee Sinclair
Performance Plus With over 25 years of experience in the sales industry, Cindy-Lee Sinclair knows how to put deals together and make things happen for her clients. Not only does she have excellent communication and relationship building skills, Cindy-Lee is a proven top performer with a passion for success. “I absolutely love real estate, and having bought and sold a number of homes personally, I know what it’s like to be the client.” Cindy-Lee’s existing clients’ can attest to her friendly disposition and passion for the industry. They describe her as loyal, proactive, professional and detail orientated, and she is known to always follow through on her promises. “I have the ability to make people feel excited about their decisions, and I think that is because I understand their needs, and because I’m genuinely enthusiastic about their personal success.” For a motivated, energetic and dedicated approach to real estate, contact Cindy-Lee Sinclair today! “I have known Cindy in a professional capacity for the last five years. During this time she has demonstrated an amazing level of professionalism, tenacity, courtesy and empathy to my business needs. Cindy is blessed with a natural charm, passion for all she does and her character is of the highest of integrity. I place the utmost confidence in Cindy’s judgement and decision making skills and will readily seek her advice and opinions.