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Gail and Ken Pianta
Welcome! Between us we’ve notched up more than 20 years in Real Estate, putting us among the most enduring, high profile and respected agents on the North Shore. Our standards are high. We are noted for our innovative marketing strategies and attention to detail, so important in every aspect of selling and buying property. We work as a team, maintaining an extensive data-base and supported by outstanding management with back-up from our flagship Milford office and the entire Harcourts Group. We are communicators. We have excellent systems in place so that our sellers and buyers are never left wondering what’s happening and nothing falls between the cracks. We love what we do and we do it the best we can. We look forward to each day’s challenges as we are solution makers and help make people’s dreams reality. Above all, we understand that people are not the same. They have different needs and priorities. It is important to us that we know what these are to achieve the results you desire, whether buying or selling. Entrust us with the sale of your home and you get a team who does everything well. We advise you on the presentation of your home and take care to see that any problems that could possibly hinder a successful sale are dealt with before going to market. We are in constant communication and our weekly written reports provide invaluable information on which to make your selling decision in the final negotiation. That’s why so many of our clients say; “We achieved an excellent price and we actually enjoyed the process of selling our home.” So if you’re planning to sell take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the North Shore property market. Call us in for a friendly discussion. There’s no obligation and you’ll have an enjoyable, informative time!