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Over a decade of real estate behind him, Kris’s constant ranking as a top sales performer has been the by-product of an unwavering commitment to helping people first.

Having in hand vast market knowledge and proven negotiation skills, combined with a diploma in marketing and a background in graphic design, Kris has an experienced edge that consistently translates to rock-solid results.

From the North Shore, Kris’s family and community are a big part of his identity. A well-known good sort and opening the doors of opportunity for many, his local contributions and involvement reach far and wide. For Kris, just knowing he’s left a positive impact is a great sense of achievement.

Never holding back, he’s a go-getter, a problem-solver and a believer in delivering personalised, honest advice. Leading by example, Kris’s team of specialists keep in step with the good vibes and integral ethics – and that truth echoes through long-standing relationships and glowing references they gain overall.