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Joanne has lived in Tauranga for the past 28 years. Prior to entering real estate Joanne enjoyed working with the three largest membership organisations in Tauranga: Manager Registered Master Builders Assn, Events and Training Manager for Tauranga Chamber of Commerce, Manager Export NZ, Bay of Plenty Branch. Joanne has actively networked with a variety of people from all walks of life, committing her energies to connecting people to people. Joanne’s past experiences has played a huge role in the reasons why she has excelled in Real Estate for the past 14 years. Joanne has cemented her place as one of Tauranga’s most successful and dedicated sales consultants. Joanne attributes her success to three key skills:

1. Communication – listening to her Vendors.

2. Negotiating – the key that sets apart top sales consultants.

3. Marketing – ensuring that each home is presented to the market with skill, ensuring a premium price can be achieved.

Sample of Joanne's AWARDS over the past 14 years:

* 2019 Member of Harcourts 65 Million Dollar Club

* January - March 2019 Bronze Award Harcourts Bay of Plenty

* April – June 2018 Top Twenty Sales Award, Central Region Awards (Bay of Plenty and Waikato)

* May & June 2018 4th and 6th Place Harcourts Bay of Plenty

* February 2018 – 5th Place Central Region (Bay of Plenty and Waikato)

* October – December 2017 Bronze Award Winner (not a bad result even after a bike accident!)

* June 16 - 4th Place Harcourts Bay of Plenty TOP 10 Sales Award

* 2016 - 2019 Silver and Gold Achievement Awards

* 2013 - 2015 Multi Million Dollar Club

* 2009 - 2015 Captains Club Top Achievement Award