Experience -

Ric Tyson has been involved with Real Estate for 30 years.

He is known for his straight shooting, up front, direct, no nonsense approach.

He is proud of success and he says “it comes from a lot of hard work and that luck has had nothing to do with it” he learnt a great deal from his mentor the late Michael Duncan who new the law book back to front.

Qualifications- Ric has his sales consultant’s license. He managed the Rental division for 4 years and has built, for his clients extensive portfolios .He also holds his Auctioneers licence.

He was and still is a very accomplished chef, trained in the Royal NZ Army. Later working for St Patrick’s College as the catering manager for years. Prior to this he prepared and served meals in hotel restaurants for famous dignitaries.

Hobbies and local connections- founder and life member of the British Car Club.

Fly fishing enthusiast.Ric has for many years collected Pre Decimal Currency

Owned and managed the Upper Hutt Caravan yard for many years. His personal favourite past time is

“Relaxing at the batch in Turangi, with his beautiful wife Pam’,Ric says.

Personal- Married with 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Referral Clients- People call Ric from overseas to ask advise on their Real Estate needs, this is a proven fact that they trust his judgement and will solely deal with Ric. Clients of Ric’s whom he has built Rental Portfolios for have said to him, that they are willing to write a letter of validation if ever required.

He also believes that when someone gives him an exclusive agency they are giving him the exclusive rights to control the contractual paper work to their property, something he takes very seriously.