Monica Nitschke - Harveys

Palmerston North

Monica Nitschke
Who would win? A billion-dollar supercomputer, designed to sell houses? or Harvey's very own Monica Nitschke? That's easy - Monica! She puts a supercomputer to shame every time! With a brain packed full of sparking neurons, Monica knows all the details - major and minor - of Manawatu's housing market. The incredible memory puts you at a unique advantage when selling your home, as Monica can almost always give you an answer on the spot. Meaning the process of selling your house is so hassle-free, you'll wonder why other home-sellers seem so stressed out! Alongside her mega memory, the key to Monica's ability to maximise the sale price for your home is her unique, fail-proof sales system. With up-to-date data, clear communication and the right information always on hand, Monica puts you in a prime position to maximise your opportunites to sell, and sell well. And unlike her cold, machine counterpart, Monica is as down-to-earth Kiwi as they come. Incredibly personable, approachable, and dedicated to seeing the entire sales process through to its happy end. While some machines can break down, crash or drive you nuts ("how do I work this thing!?"), Monica - the human real estate machine - is a dream to deal with. Give her a call today. FUN FACT: Monica has a famous card game named after her unique abilities. Memory.