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With a huge focus on community; a strong supporter of our schools, our community trust and a trustee of The Missing Wingman Trust, I'm involved and committed to organisations doing good for their people.

I moved to Hobsonville with the Royal New Zealand Air Force back in 1989 aged just 17 years old. Many ex service members shake their head at progress, hey Hobsonville was a sleepy quiet Air base with a few units out of the public (and the base commands) eyes. We had great times.

Hobsonville and the new community with great amenities is still just as special today and I think what is developing is a dynamic varied community like our neighbourhoods used to be 40 years ago. I love that my kids play on the street and hang out with their mates and its all close. We have great shops, cafes, restaurants and service businesses setting up, it's fantastic!

I think I'm pretty accessible, well informed, stay current with the market and what is happening in the area. So if you need advice, information or just to have a chat, just say hi!