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Michael Chen
Michael came to New Zealand when he was 17 years old. Getting premier education from New Zealand, he got his bachelor’s degree in accounting &economic from the University of Auckland in the year 2007. Michael can speak multiple languages including English, Mandarin and Shanghainese as well. Since the completion of his bachelor’s degree, he started his career as an accountant in the home and living industry. After working as accountant about two years. Michael changed his career and entered the real estate profession in 2009. Michael had served a large number of clients all over the world. There is an enormous base of local customers and international customers including Taiwan, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. His valuable and reliable connections helped to bring investment to the New Zealand and provide lots of investment opportunities in the country. Michael had been working as the specialist in commercial leasing and sales for some time and works as the real estate agent and business including residential and commercial property sale. He also provides investor consultancy services to the clients in the real estate sector. Michael has experience of negotiating hundreds of commercial deals. Since 2014, he got involved in a new business field of apartments/townhouse/section project across Auckland and made lots of efforts in pre-sales of them. Michael had managed to sell 18 units successfully before the official launch of the project at St James. Michael has been doing lots of business projects and groomed myself as an extremely professional, excellent negotiator in this field. Michael being the member of the Auckland Property Investor Association and a wise investor able to guide the public for investment in the real estate market in Auckland and have been focusing on excellent investment opportunities in the sector. He is helping the new investors in the property sector and how they can earn a good amount in the market. Michael has very strong relationships with Asian business community and knows many owners who have been doing business in the real estate sector. From the experience, Michael has learned a lot and believes that working hard leads a respectable life, and you can enjoy your life with hard work. He loves to help people and spends most of his time in exploring new things. He loves sports and enjoys watching favorite sports when he gets enough time at home.