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Hamilton East

Natalie Reeve
I’m Natalie Reeve and I look forward to working with you to deliver your dream outcome for your next move on residential property. Whether you’re buying, investing, downsizing, first-home buying, or a family seeking a better lifestyle, you’ll be at the centre of everything I do. I appreciate the process you’re taking on will involve some of the biggest emotional and financial decisions in your life. You can therefore expect the highest standards of respect, communication, and integrity in dealing with me. I’ll do what I say I’ll do. I have a proven track-record in real estate, and a genuine desire for success. To me, great service comes down to a proactive mind-set, meaning the needs of vendors and buyers are anticipated and dealt to before potential issues are raised. Experience plays a significant role here. The goal is to make for a smooth process, while delivering to expectations. During my planning phase, I’ll want to establish what will work best for my client’s needs, and I’ll gain an understanding about how much guidance and personal contact will be needed. Obviously, attention to detail and communication are two areas are a core part of my job, but I’ll also want to know any further pre-requisites the client might have. For my vendor clients I usually start by discussing the property with them, followed by possible recommendations on property presentation, which might include, for example, organising staging, gardeners, or tradespeople (taking in to consideration the cost-benefit of any required work!). I’ll also provide advice on what segment/s would be the most appropriate target for the property. I’ll then design and execute a tailored marketing campaign within a set budget. Progress updates will be communicated, with honest, matter-of-fact, feedback. My commitment to my vendors is to negotiate ‘hard but fair’. Ideally, we’ll build hot competition as we lead in to the sale, providing plenty of options before sign up to a suitable price and appropriate terms. In terms of background, I’m a Mum of three and a qualified former teacher. Teaching provided a strong set of directly transferable skills; tenacity, empathy, negotiation and patience - as well as being working long hours with a variety of stakeholders! I got into real estate because I love the challenge within the industry and I like to work hard! Selling real estate certainly provides a direct feedback loop (particularly when it comes to effort versus results). Whether your plan is to sell in five days or in five years, from the minute you call to seek advice about the possibility of putting your property on the market I’ll be 100% focused on working alongside you.