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Susan Duncan and Lou Cables
Susan is a Hamiltonian to her bones: her family goes back four generations, with her great-grandfather having served as mayor to the city. She is connected to the place, the people and its properties which put her in an exceptionally strong position with regard to real estate. Susan has a shrewd and solid grasp of the market and the capacity to use her skills, business experience and intuition to maximise the potential and profit margin for each and every client. Whether you are selling or buying, you can be assured that she will attain the absolute best for you on all levels. Selling and buying a home or a property is a huge investment both financially and emotionally. It doesn’t get much bigger for most of us. Which means it is vital that we know we are in safe hands. As in all relationships, trust is key. Susan has your back. At the same time she is up-front and clear in her communication so you know where you are at every step of the process. It’s not just about feelings: Susan delivers exceptional results, as is proven many times over by her portfolio. Susan gets where you are at: she identifies instinctively what it is you are looking for, almost before you have done so yourself. She prides herself on matching the right property with the right person, a skill that gives her a business and personal edge. Alongside her professional work, Susan is committed to making Hamilton a better place for all through undertaking charity and community work in different roles Susan’s unique blend of business expertise, people skills and solid success in real estate makes for the most professional, trustworthy and successful business relationship you can hope for. Contact her today. With 30 years of experience with Lodge Real Estate, Lou Cables is among Hamilton’s Premium set of Real Estate agents. Having achieved number one in the company it is now time to ‘evolve’ and team up with Susan Duncan to take our service to the next level of marketing, selling and buying residential property. With Hamilton experiencing unprecedented growth fuelled by growing industry it makes sense to take on an experienced partner to deliver a more efficient service which buyers and sellers expect and deserve. As two different personalities we have different strengths, enabling flexibility and deeper insights during the sales process. You can expect honesty, directness and positivity from us with our priority being to listen and gain an understanding of where priorities should be. Every property sale is unique and at the ‘heart’ of what we are trying to achieve is a sale, as quickly and cost effectively as possible for the maximum amount possible. Investors and homeowners alike have a wide range of motives for selling a property not the least of which is seeking an opportunity to upscale their investment. First home buyers are also looking to a bright future with interest rates at record lows and with Hamilton’s steady progress getting a foothold in the market is a priority. As a team we will prepare a marketing and sales plan for your home and sit down with you to ‘tweak’ it to your needs. We personally do all our own open homes to keep a finger on the pulse and to recognise ‘signals’ from the public. We can easily adapt and respond – our job is to be the vendor’s strongest advocate. I personally built my own home 12 years ago and am now in the process of ‘downsizing’ to an apartment. Each process has further acquainted me with what people experience on this journey. Away from work I am a mother and grandmother, enjoy gardening, walking and travelling overseas. In the past I’ve had experience in the education, nutrition and law sectors however my career in Real Estate has been my most passionate and successful role. Our aim is to never disappoint, and our goal is to put a smile on your face by fulfilling your expectations.