Zane Huang - Mike Pero


Zane Huang
Zane’s knowledge, experience and skill in his real estate business is built on his honest approach in every aspect, his outstanding work ethic and his determination in the industry. Once a goal is set he will achieve it to the best of his ability. Zane started in the trades industry where he worked as a painter decorator on various types of residential properties throughout Auckland. This experience taught him the importance of managing work outcomes, customer relationships, and that providing every client the most genuine service is key to success. He then launched an e-commerce business, upskilling himself on the latest technology and trends, marketing and social media. These interactions gave him the ability to work with a variety of people from all different professionals, and cultural backgrounds. He thinks quickly and always does the best that he can in every situation, treats all people with kindness and gaurantees his clients and customers a satisfactory outcome no matter what. His motivation is sourced and driven by the opportunity to help other people achieve their goals. Zane is a good listener, respectful, congenial and considerate. He is confident and capable to take on board your property needs and to turn them into a satisfying outcome, exceeding all your expectations. Let Zane listen to your property needs and he will be of your service today