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Lesley Gibbs
I came to real estate over 4 years ago, with a background in teaching and sales/promotion of educational services and products, where teaching English language to international students had long been my fulltime occupation until the Christchurch earthquakes struck. So, Why Real Estate? I had always worked in people-focused industries, or in a voluntary capacity in my community, and was encouraged to bring my own abilities, personal integrity and my life experience to the real estate industry, where establishing and building effective relationships with people is a priority. How Can I Help YOU? We don’t do our own dentistry, instead preferring to go to trained people whom know what they’re doing. Selling what is your biggest asset, your house, also needs particular skills, knowledge and experience to navigate towards a successful outcome. The required training is rigorous, ongoing and compulsory, and I admire and respect the levels of professionalism that we must adhere to. Within the team I work in, many years of accumulated experience and knowledge are constantly shared and evaluated to ensure that best practice is always followed. This means that when you engage me, I come with this kind of backing, to work WITH you and FOR you. In addition, my own times as a buyer and vendor over the years, have sharpened my awareness of what can be reasonably expected from the real estate agent you choose to work with, in terms of service, empathetic listening, support and giving professional advice. Whether you need specialist reports, or legal, mortgage or insurance help, I can point you in the right direction, or even suggest that you may need to enlist some of this kind of help in the first place! Finally, do take a look at my testimonials and see what some of my clients have said. I hope to help to YOU in the future!