Valton Kask - Mike Pero

Flat Bush

Valton Kask
Any agent can sell a property, yet it is a premium agent that can get you that extra 5%- 10% and in today’s market that can mean a lot of money. Anyone who enters real estate must have a genuine passion for people and property and be trustworthy and have integrity. I entered this industry knowing that I was uncompromising on my personal standards and integrity, and commit to do what other agents can’t or simply won’t do, which Is being genuine, honest and working in the best interests of those people who put their trust and faith in me to sell their biggest asset. I create clients for life which is why there is no coincidence that people come back to me and refer me to their friends and family. To me there is no better complement than someone not only listing with me but then also referring me to family and friends. I don’t use the market as an excuse for not selling property as I provide all my clients with the information that they need to make an informed decision in regards to not only their property but their life plans. I believe in under promising and over delivering. I will never tell a client that they can achieve a price if I know that it is not possible. To me honesty and integrity is everything. I believe that it is the process and not the promise of a price that will get a house sold. Fortunately for my clients, I have a tried and proven process that my clients get to enjoy the benefits from. Something that I say to all my clients is “Put your trust and faith in me and I will never have to ask for it again”. I look forward to seeing you when the time is right for you.