Kym Howley - Mike Pero


Kym Howley
"IT'S NOT ABOUT ME, BUT ALL ABOUT YOU" This is the motto that I have carried with me throughout my real estate career, which expands 10yrs. Prior to this I had 21 years in the motor vehicle industry working my way up to General Manager status in one of Invercargill’s biggest motor companies. I then spent five years with a private real estate company in which time I grew my knowledge and experience in the industry. I have a saying ‘knowledge is a powerful thing’ – meaning that the more you know, the better equipped you are. Putting this into practice enables me to supply my clients and prospective purchasers with the tools they need to fulfil their dreams. Eventually I moved into a bigger ‘branded’ real estate company and six months later I had three shareholders, a rental portfolio of 150 properties, and a sales team of ten. The shareholders and I eventually parted ways when they wanted to join with another brand. I started looking for a new opportunity and the chance to join the Mike Pero Real Estate brand was an easy decision as I liked how the Company was structured and what they offered to their customers – it just makes sense doesn’t it – don’t we all like saving money? Whether it is $1 at the supermarket, or thousands on a real estate transaction, the choice is simple – especially when you believe in it! Outside of work, you’ll find me on the golf course, the game I love playing or even watching it, love a good chat with friends about anything and everything and have two children to chase round and keep an eye on as well. So remember, if you making a real estate transaction, buying or selling, employ the person that works the hardest for you….because “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME, BUT ALL ABOUT YOU”.