Steve Wood - Mike Pero


Steve Wood
After four years in the furniture industry and six in Life Insurance, I began a longer career, in real estate, with Barfoot & Thompson, in Epsom, Auckland, back in 1982. Moving to live in Australia in 1985, in various roles and capacities in three states, I involved myself the sales and marketing of all manner of property projects; holiday homes being the primary category, but also residential / golf course estates, new land subdivisions, luxury apartments, small businesses, even a couple of retirement villages. Conducting many ‘Off the plans’ sales for builders, big and small, presented interesting challenges but also polished-up my building construction and town-planning knowledge; a good set of skills to have in this business when advising prospective buyers and sellers alike. A five-year stint in the marketing of Land / sea interface developments gave me further insight; into the world of major projects and major bureaucratic headaches - Project Developers v State Government. Outside of business hours I’ve managed to maintain some recreational interests; sailing chartered yachts around the worlds sunny regions, golf, renovating homes, and writing; I published my first book – The Happiness Secret - in 2013. Married to June we have four grown-up children – two of each, each – and two grandchildren. After splitting our lives and careers across the ditch, we’ve many friends on both sides of the Tasman, the one great benefit of that being; we’re on the winning side when following most Trans-Tasman sport!