The salt of the earth; that’s one way to define Kane’s very being. You might also call him zealous, professional, earnest, certainly an early riser, but of all, he is best known as the ‘go-to’ for making great things happen.

Joining with industry-recognised Powers Realty, Kane takes a collaborative approach as marketer, advisor and seller, while cementing his role with a genuine attitude towards excellence.

Comprehensive in advice, calm in manner; he strives to ensure real estate’s stresses and complications are anything but. While on the pulse with up-to-the-minute market insights and attuned to the broader region’s ever-changing landscape, your goals remain his priority no matter the market condition.

Building a rapport by letting down his walls, Kane’s focus whittles down to a truth he lives and breathes: life is all about people. Keeping the truth as his crux, he places great value in every interaction, conversation, and relationship, thus never wastes an opportunity to help connect people with property.

A qualified chef, come engineer, come realtor, Kane’s number 8-wire nature has also played a part in establishing his side-business – Future Fishing. Teaching local kids the art of fishing and respect for their Tangaroa, he also provides them with an experience that’ll last a lifetime; and that’s his reward.

On the eastern waves is where you’ll find him refuelling, and outdoors with his son Xavier is where he’s most happy. So to have the highest commitment and the backing of an all-around professional, Kane is only a call away and he would love to chat with you!