Megan Davies - New Zealand Sotheby's International Realty

Rotorua Lakes District

Megan Davies
Megan Davies has a noticeably positive demeanour and her zest for life is something that often attracts comment. With a broad range of property experience behind her, Megan takes a holistic view of sales drawing off her many years in the business, working with different people at all stages of their lives and living. Consistently delivering premium results within her team, Megan was awarded the SIR All Stars Award early 2018. Gaining her REA licence in Hong Kong, Megan quickly rose to the top at Sotheby’s International Realty in that market, thanks to her tenacity to understand the market and psyche of the people. Spending 25 years living in the Solomon Islands, China, Hong Kong, Megan’s ability to adapt and understand a client’s point of view was honed during her years living and working in property overseas. In addition to her career in real estate, Megan studied Diploma in Business at Auckland University, and has spent time working in the airline travel and hospitality industry. Enjoying the service aspect of these roles, Megan was able to transfer these skills into her property philosophy and understands the importance of building strong and lasting relationships. A mother of three, Megan labels herself a risk-taker and thinks of life as an adventure, loving to explore untouched corners of the planet. Her friends describe her as ‘resilient, uncompromisingly honest, fun-loving, creative and hard-working’. First moving to Rotorua 45 years ago Megan spent her formative years in the area, living and working, before setting off overseas. Rotorua though, has always been home and returning brings her back full circle to friends and family.