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Josh Bradburn
Classic Service, Distinctive Results The year was 2006, I was 15 years old and I wore my first suit when I attended a business development class, the goal was to produce an innovative idea and sell it. My father, who has managed successful businesses, advised me, “Son, dress for success”! These simple words have continued to resonate, especially in my chosen career path in real estate. When selling a product, or in my instance a property, first impressions count. A fundamental idea significant to my clients as we work together in achieving a premium price for their property. While working in Real Estate I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside top industry performers in both Auckland and Taupo. My primary role was to assist buyers, ensuring correct information was passed over empowering them to make confident decisions and ultimately buy property. Working for experienced agents from this perspective has allowed me to see the sales process from the purchaser’s point of view. I have a strong understanding of buyer behaviour and use this knowledge to achieve a premium result for my owner clients. My role is to support you through preparing, then presenting your home in its “best light” to the market. I believe in, and am confident in a variety of sales methodologies, therefore can advise my clients on the best sale method for both their property and personal circumstances. Most importantly I’ll find the right strategy to maximize the sale value. New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty achieves premium results for our clients, maintaining a professional stance throughout the agency period. Personally, I align with this view and our office here in Taupo is the perfect fit for my business. When selecting a real estate Sales Associate to represent you in the market, I ask you to consider “Josh Bradburn” and I sincerely look forward to meeting you. And remember, it is no more expensive to choose a person who is professional with expertise, though it can be costly if you don’t.