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Jason immigrated to New Zealand from the UK in 2005 where he successfully sold real estate in London for three years in what was an extremely competitive market. Prior to that he worked as a legal accountant for some of London's top law firms that specialised in the sale and purchase of residential and commercial property.

He has now successfully transferred that experience to the property market in Wellington where he has been selling property since 2006.

With his London experience Jason chooses to concentrate on apartments, townhouses and inner city property but he has also sold many houses and some commercial buildings. He has a vast knowledge of freehold, unit title, leasehold and company share property that together with a legal accounting background give him that extra edge in the real estate market.

Jason strives to provide the best service to all his clients. He is enthusiastic, friendly, and self-motivated. His experience over the years has given him the ability to communicate with people at all levels and he prides himself on ensuring that everyone is happy with the service he provides.