Teal came to New Zealand with his family as a young refugee from Vietnam. As a result of his humble upbringing,

he has developed a strong work ethic early on in life. Teal continues to hold this ethic throughout his career and has developed a unique background in sales skills.

Spanning more than two decades as a business owner running his Hairdressing Salon in central Wellington, Teal is well connected within his community, has a great empathy for people of all ages, and loves the city he now calls home.

To his colleagues, Teal is a self-disciplined conscientious person who has the drive to get everything done right. He has a great attention to detail in a practical, professional and stylistic way. After graduating from the University of Life, Teal has become a skilled facilitator and strong and passionate communicator.

Teal often says "Its never been about bricks and mortar, its about connecting people with people."