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Tim Brown
I am going to start with a piece of honesty. If you had asked me even a year ago where I would be today, tomorrow or next year - Real Estate would not have figured in the equation. This then begs the question - why the change? Let me start from the beginning. I am born and raised in Franklin, I went to school here and have lived in and around the area for the best part of 30 years. In a past life, I have worked in commercial banking starting in Australia after being accepted in to a graduate program with one of Australia's "Big Four" banks. Living on the Gold Coast at the time' I was posted to the town of Mackay in central Queensland. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks at the Business Centers in the Gold Coast prior to moving North. This turned out to be a hugely polarising experience - at the time the Gold Coast was reeling from a downturn in the property market; Mackay on the other hand being a boom town due to its status as a terminus for coal mined in the Bowen basin, a short distance inland. After two years in Central Queensland, my wife Monique and I decided to return to New Zealand and buy our first home in Pukekohe. I took up a position with one of the major banks working in the Auckland CBD. Working in the big smoke was fantastic, but the ever worsening commute times and the arrival of our first child made me look for something closer to home; It just so happened the bank had a role locally which was perfect for me. As much as I enjoyed working in the banking sector, with the arrival of our second child it was time to look for a new adventure - Something close to home, something where I could spend time with my family, and something where I could use my banking skill set, and still get to meet and deal with great people on a daily basis. Real Estate ticks all of the boxes.